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Living Is
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UHPhealth is committed to providing comprehensive services for healthy living including affordable health care access, economic empowerment, healthy environments, community engagement and social stability. Today, two charitable clinics serving the Northwest and Southeast Houston provide vaccinations, wellness check-ups, therapy, psychiatric evaluations, case management and benefit navigation to all under-served communities.


UHPhealth is a member of the Texas Association of Charitable Clinics, and delivers affordable, accessible, community-based health services and education to under-served and uninsured communities. We strive to give access to quality, person-centered routine, acute care, chronic disease prevention, treatment, and management


At UHPhealth, we believe living involves all aspects of a person’s life. To address this, we have developed several programs based on all health determinants. Our programs are mainly aimed to serve families and individuals and improves social development and their overall well-being