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Sustainable Health - Be Healthy!

UHPhealth’s mission is guided by the principle that health services are not an option but a basic human right that all people deserve. We believe adequate, and appropriate health services lead to better wellness and healthy living. Therefore, we seek to empower our underserved communities through quality health programs, NOT JUST HEALTHCARE. 

We implement tailored one-on-one health education guided by the Preventive Services Task Force recommendations allowing us to provide holistic health services conducive to better community health outcomes.

UHPhealth delivers affordable, accessible, community-based healthcare services through our two safety net clinics to under-served uninsured and under-insured communities. We are member of both National Association of free and charitable clinics (NAFCC) and Texas Association of charitable clinics (TXACC). At UHPhealth, we believe that Health & Wellness are Human basic right that all communities deserve and healthy living involves all aspects of a person’s life. Therefore we address Social  Determinants of Health (SDH).


Our board-certified physicians, nurses and allied health professional, strive to provide high quality, personalized patient oriented medical services.                      

Services are offered on a sliding scale, which is based on household size and income; however, we accept all patients regardless of insurance, status, or income. We are enrolled in the Texas Vaccines for Children Program, and partner closely with school nurses to identify and provide vaccinations to children in need.

We currently have two locations:West Clinic, 6846 Antoine Dr and Behavior Health, 12605 East Fwy, Unit 501

Services Include
  • Medical Consultations & Treatment
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory Testing/Blood Work
  • Diabetes & High Blood Pressure Prevention & Managment
  • Cancer Screening & Prevention
  • School Physicals
  • Mental Health Evaluation & Therapy 
  • Covid-19 Testing
  • Covid-19 Vaccines
  • Family Practice Services
  • Women’s Health Services
  • Assistance with state resources navigation and applications
  • Assistance with private health service coverage navigation
  • Referrals to Specialized Care Facilities
  • Mobile Vaccination and Health Clinics

We are a participant in Texas Community Partner Program which is a bridge between Texas Health and Human Services and Texas communities to provide Texans access to food, cash and additional health care assistance. We work closely with individuals to navigate potential benefits that can support their basic life needs.