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Health For All Programs - Stay Healthy!

UHPhealth aims to address social determinants of health thus, develops several projects to solve issues that affect and impact health. We believe in comprehensive care that incorporates healthcare, environment, and leveraging existing resources to achieve healthy living.

Healthy Homes Healthy Environment (3HE) Program

The aim of this program is to provide a clean living home and environment to senior citizens and people with disabilities, who are unable to perform these activities and unable to afford the cost. The team members for this program conduct activities such as:

  • Periodic yard cleaning and landscaping 
  • Pressure washing driveways and home exterior to wash mold off their homes 
  • Home inspections for energy efficiency (Heat and A/C)
  • Healthy environment benefit education and coaching to stay clean 
  • Hygiene supplies distribution
  • Food and drug inspection ( home health services if needed)
  • Assistance with benfits navigation
  • Mobility screening (transportation from and to places)
  • Immunizations
  • Benefits and health coverage Navigation Services
  • Chronic disease prevention and management classes including nutrition

We also work to provide homes and environments cleaning services to our seniors and people with disability in our community who are unable to perform these activities and/or cannot afford them.