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Case Management Services

UHPhealth offers case management services to low income, underprivileged families to access resources to create healthy and stable lives. We help assist patients to apply for Texas Benefits such as

  • SNAP
  • TANF
  • Medicare
  • Marketplace insurance.
Case managers can assist with any resource navigation such as housing, employment, transportation, clothing, immigration/legal assistance matters, and external referrals for other medical needs. 

UHPhealth case managers look at the overall individual’s needs which can offer the help one needs to set up to reach their optium level of wellness, self-management, and functional capability to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

We are a participant in Texas Community Partner Program which is a bridge between Texas Health and Human Services and Texas communities to provide Texans access to food, cash and additional health care assistance. We work closely with individuals to navigate potential benefits that can support their basic life needs.