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Anger Management Classes / Classes Para Manejo de Enejo

Anger is a normal human reaction and can be effective and beneficial in certain situations, like responding to threats of injury or harm to yourself or others. Not being able to control anger, however, can turn destructive and cause problems in your life, as well as negatively affect personal and professional relationships.

At UHPhealth we take an approach designed to help you manage the emotional and physiological incitement caused by anger. As it’s often not possible to change the circumstances or people that elicit anger, anger management can help you recognize your triggers for anger and learn to cope with them more effectively.


Anger does not only affect your external relationships, it can also have negative effects on your health. 

  • Programa de 18 Semana
  • Cada Martes
  • En Linea @1:00PM
  • En Persona @2:00 PM
  • $40 Cada Clase
  • 18 Week Program 
  • Every Tuesday 
  • Telehealth @1:00 PM
  • In-Person @2:00 PM
  • $40 Per Person