UHPhealth membership program is dedicated to providing access to healthcare services, resources, training and wellness opportunities enabling healthy living among the less privileged communities around the world

UHPhealth’s membership program is ideal for individuals ages 19-61 who are not eligible for CHIP or Medicare/Medicaid and want to adopt a healthy lifestyle but have limited financial resources

UHPhealth Enrollment Steps:

  1. ) $100 Enrollment Fee:     
  • FREE annual physical assessment and blood work

1.) $50/month membership fee: 

  • FREE unlimited access to UHPhealth clinics in Houston
  • FREE unlimited doctor visit
  • FREE disease screening
  • FREE wellness tracker app to monitor all your healthy living needs
  • Assistance with in house medication/ treatment and laboratory cost

UHPhealth Membership Types:

   All UHPhealth Members receive the same benefits regardless of type. Cost is ALWAYS $50/Person.

1.) Individual And Family 

  • Save $15 on each individual Enrollment Fee when 5 or more Family members enroll!

2.) Group Enrollment: Ideal for small businesses, non-profits, associations, union or clubs who are not able to offer benefits to employees

  • Save $20 on individual Enrollment Fees when 8 or more employees or members sign up!

3.) Healthy Living Advocate: ADOPT A CHILD 

  • Under-insured/uninsured children in our community is a silent issue in Texas According to the Houston Chronicle (November 2018) Texas leads the nation in uninsured kids.
  • UHPhealth Adopt a Child program allows individuals to sponsor a child (age 4-18) and ensure health services for a year
  • Adopt a Child donors commit to an annual contribution of $700/year ( $100 enrollment fee + $50/month for 12 months) that is 100% tax deductible and can be paid monthly